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Increase Learning by Decreasing Stress

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What We Do: We Partner with Schools and Organizations Looking to Increase Academic Achievement and School Climate With Evidence-Based SEL and Character-Building Currriculum Based on the Most Current Neuroscience Research.

Character Lesson Library

Inspire students to start thinking of NEW ways they can create, connect and communicate with the world with over 24 ready-made Character Lessons for grades 6 and up.

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Summer Program

Choose from over 60 Character and Social and Emotional Learning lessons that teach resilience and grit while stimulating discussion for students grades 6 and up.

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Level Up for Students

Prepare students with 32 weeks of engaging SEL strategies, Character and Leadership lessons  designed to impact student achievement and results.

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Professional Development

Wondered how stress impacts learning? Access the most current strategies based on neuroscience research, cognitive psychology and growth mindset.

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Helping Parents, Teachers and Coaches to Optimize Learning at Home and in the Classroom Using the Most Current Neuroscience Research Combined with Social Emotional Learning.


2017 Character Education: AchieveIT360 is chosen as one of four approved providers for Character Education in Arizona.

Top 30John C. Maxwell Leadership Awards: Andrea Samadi was selected as the Top 100 Leaders in the Country (2014) and Top 30 Award Winner (2015) in Education.

In 2017 AchieveIT360 has been named an American Small Business Champion by SCORE and Sam’s Club! Thank you for your continued support.

We believe in staying at the forefront of the most current, innovative, evidence-based strategies in Neuroscience and Mindfulness to Optimize Learning.

“Like Martin Luther King Jr.  I dream that all students will understand how their brains work and use the knowledge to be successful…I dream that students and teachers will find books like Level Up…and use the information contained to increase their brain power and success.”– Jeff Kleck, GCU Adjunct Instructor, School Administrator

“Level Up is an action oriented guide designed not for school but for life. It is constructed with interactive exercises that demand the learner both think and feel. Level Up will transform learners into achievers as they follow the well outlined path. The text and guidelines are inviting, encouraging and supportive. Staying with the program creates powerful connection between neuroscience, theory and success.” – Robert Jerus, SPHR, Author of Mind Matters & EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligent Systems

“Succeeding in your goals is easy when you create a well defined roadmap. Level Up’s Brain-Based Strategy along with the lessons provided in the JumpStart to Success Program give students an edge! Students easily learn how to take action and to accomplish anything that they are truly determined to achieve!”- Samantha Robberts, AchieveIT360 Teen Artist and Student

“Andrea Samadi’s book makes an important contribution to education and the creative process of personal growth. She has identified 12 brain-based concepts that directly correlate to leading a highly successful, productive life. As a leading neuroscience researcher, I can assure you that her grasp of the human brain is spot-on” – Mark Robert Waldman, World’s Leading Expert on Communication and the Brain

“Level Up is perfect for a parent or teacher who wants to intensify the learning process of their student or teen, helping them to elevate their focus and execution for predictable and consistent results.”- John Assaraf, CEO of MyNeuroGym LLC


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