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Andrea Samadi with Houston Gunn

It's Andrea Samadi here. I want to welcome you to our site! After 15 years of working with young entrepreneurs, and working directly with some of the TOP SUCCESS LEADERS in the INDUSTRY (like Bob Proctor, from the movie, The Secret, and Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series)  I learned the TOP SECRETS of SUCCESS and created a curriculum for young people. I want to share this BLUEPRINT with you today! I KNOW this works because I have used the blueprint myself, and have used it with thousands of others! If you are a school administrator or teacher and have been looking for something to help transform your student population...We are NOW thrilled to be a Preferred Vendor for Arizona Department of Education Character Education and want to work with YOU!

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"After 2 weeks of using "Jumpstart to Success" along with "The Secret for Teens Revealed" book, Victory HS students were more excited about their future. They are enjoying understanding their strengths, and thinking about how they will make a difference in the world. " (Dr. Branham, Victory HS, AZ).

  • Are you STRESSED out with no extra time to create lesson plans for your Character Ed program?
  • Do your students have low attendance rates, behavioral problems and high drop out rates?
  • Are you looking for an online program that would be easy to implement?
  • Would you like to see a SNAPSHOT of what your students are thinking?
  • Do you need data that records student gains?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then please contact me TODAY!


Our Programs Guarantee Students Will Have-


  • Improved relationships, confidence and self-esteem.
  • A better attitude to self-motivate their strategies and plans for the future.
  • Time management, resulting in improved productivity and overall happiness.
  • Achieve whatever they set their mind on.
  • A Global vision that develops and expands throughout the year.


Develop a Global Vision with Interviews from Performance Expert Team

Actors & Film Makers







“Never more needed, like water on a desert for a new generation!”

- Doug Wead | Presidential Historian and New York Times bestseller, advisor to two American presidents

Bob_Proctor, The_Secret

“I have been studying this material for over 50 years and I watched teens go from C grades to As, from sitting on the bench to the starting lineup, to developing stronger relationships with teachers, parents and siblings, just merely by changing the way they think. This is the most powerful material you will ever study.”

- Bob Proctor | Secret Teacher

Greg_Link, Covey, 7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_People

“The Secret for Teens Revealed is a blueprint for transforming your life. Teens here’s a heads up: 97% of adults have not learned these secrets and even less live by them. Master your mind and rule your world.”

- Greg Link | Co-founder and President, CoveyLink Worldwide and co-author of Smart Trust

Victoria_Justice, Victorious, Nickelodeon

Teen Celebrity Victoria Justice who has her own musical show on Nickelodeon called Victorious chose The Secret for Teens Revealed as a book that influenced her on the Scholastic You Are What You Read Page.





Dr. Kohutek

Dr. Kenneth Kohutek, Psychologist, Educator, Author

Andrea Samadi has hit a "homerun" with this book. Her experience as an educator and personal development instructor is blended in a way that any parent, educator, or one involved in the formation of young people should read and implement these concepts into their lives.

Ms. Samadi organizes her chapters in a manner suggesting she is very familiar with "best practices" in education. There is a pre-test before each chapter, valuable information in the middle and suggestions for taking the information into the real world. She successfully incorporates the concepts of multiple intelligence and individual learning styles in a way that involves the reader.

Pivotal points made in the introduction include a reminder that change takes time and energy. Knowledge, as measured on standardized tests, does not translate into results--in this case, personal growth.

The ten lessons with the five step approach in each chapter makes the text easy to follow. It may prove difficult at times to engage the student who has difficulty reading. However, there are enough exercises to engage most students.

For those wishing to present this information to teens, it would be an excellent idea to read and apply the knowledge to their own lives before sharing the knowledge.